I’m a freelance translator currently working on the Chichi Miko!! series of visual novels, the visual novel Seitenkan ~Ore no Naka de Ikeba Ii Daro!?~, and a project to translate a number of CG sets.  I’m currently open for commissions, although I only do translation.  I don’t do any kind of image editing typically associated with “scanlating”.

This blog, in addition to my twitter @Lv1Translations, will be where I post translation updates.

As of now, Chichi Miko!! is fully translated and I’m about 15% through proofreading.   Chichi Miko!! Plus 1, the sequel, is fully translated and proofread. The intro and first scene of Seitenkan is translated.  There are 17 scenes in all.  I’ve translated 86kb/528kb for a completion percentage of 16.2%.  I’m currently working on Seitenkan two days per week, and I aim to translate 20-30kb per day (that is, roughly two scenes per week).

I’m currently trying to contact Rapapuru to get Chichi Miko!! licensed for sale in the West.