I dislike proofreading.  Not just because I find it tedious and painful to review my own writing, but because the time I spend proofreading would be better spent translating more.

I’m sorry to confess that, since Thursday, I’ve done no translating on Seitenkan.  I meant to do the third scene, which would be about a day’s work.  I’m going to do my best to get it done Sunday, instead, so that I can keep my productivity up.  The reason I’ve done no translating Friday or Saturday is that I’ve been proofreading some translations for the CG sets I mentioned I was working on.  I’d estimate that proofreading is thrice as mentally draining as actually translating for me.  I was never an English major.

This is the third scene of Seitenkan, which I should have been working on since Thursday.

This is the third scene of Seitenkan, which I should have been working on since Thursday.

It’s not only proofreading the CG sets that I dislike.  I also find that proofreading my VN work to be more draining that translation.  But at least when I’m proofreading a VN, I’m playing that VN and it goes pretty fast.  I mostly just catch typos and really awkward phrasing.  It’s different to proofread what is essentially just a text file full of dialogue and sex noises.

On that note, please don’t expect Chichi Miko!! to be fully proofread very quickly.  I’m trying to take my time and make sure the entire game has the best prose I can come up with, and it’s on the back-burner behind Seitenkan and the CG sets until I can get Rapapuru/Flying Shine to return my emails.

Proofreading a translation is also different from proofreading other kinds of writing, I think.  There’s not only the goal of eliminating typos and awkward phrasing, but one also has to stay true to the original text.  I try to have high standards so that the work I do is acceptable, so I’m wary of having just anybody proofread.  And since I’m running a solo operation as much as possible, I’m just stuck with proofreading on my own for now.  Anyway, in the future I’ll plan ahead so that my proofreading doesn’t interfere with my translation, which is what I really want to be doing and what I’m better at.  And I will spend tomorrow translating instead of proofreading.