Phew, it’s the last day of the year, and I can’t wait for it to be over!  The day after Christmas I came down with a cold which led to a series of mishaps, none of which are related to translation since I lacked the mental capacity to translate while sick anyway.  The short story is, it’s been a rough week.

Last week I didn’t work on Seitenkan, even though I said I would.  Sorry.  This week I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things with work on CG sets and Seitenkan.  My target for Seitenkan is to release a patch by the end of January or when I hit a good point in the story, preferably around the middle or so.

One thing I’ve noticed, which should have been obvious, is that the Chichi Miko!! series is overall very positive and lighthearted, while Seitenkan is much darker with a focus on corruption.  I’m finding it a lot harder to translate Seitenkan in marathon sessions like I did with Chichi Miko!!, which is cutting into my productivity.  A few hours of translating Seitenkan puts me off my mood for the rest of the day, which is odd because I do think it’s a very hot nukige.  Maybe I’m just oversensitive.  In the future, I probably won’t do darker titles like this.

I expect January to be a very productive month, as long as I don’t get sick again.  Happy New Year, nukige lovers!