Suddenly I understand why the Japanese are so worried out colds.  I’ve NEVER had a cold this bad before.  I can’t even play video games I’m so discombobulated.  Translating’s been really iffy for me this last week, and what little energy I’ve had I’ve been putting into my CG set translations since I’m getting paid for those.  Seitenkan has sadly languished, and I do feel awful about that.

My plan is to release a partial patch for Seitenkan on either January 31 or February 1.  Because of how the data files for the game are compressed, I have a choice between releasing a “patch” that’s essentially the entire game (over 1GB!), or releasing the script files and counting on people to follow instructions on repacking the archive so the game can be played normally.  I’ll be thinking about that over the next few weeks.  If I can get back into the swing of things and finish 2 scenes per week, I should be able to release a 50% patch at the end of the month.  Ganbare me!

I’d like to note here that Seitenkan is currently at 22% translated, but 0% edited.  I did make a note on Twitter but I doubt anyone checks @Lv1Translations.