Wow, I did not mean to go this long without an update here!  Sorry everyone.  Between getting over my cold and family visits, I didn’t have much time for translating or posting here, which really bummed me out.  And I’ve still got one more multiple day visit ahead of me this weekend, which is also going to cut into my translating time.

Also, my trusty laptop broke two weeks ago, which meant I couldn’t translate while I was away from home.   I’m really going to miss my faptop.  The case around the hinges shattered into lots of pieces so I’m just retiring it.  So that’s some of the bad news, the rest of it being that I was busy with family and couldn’t translate as much as I’d have liked.

There’s lots of good news though!  Last week I finally got over my cold from hell, which means I’m back to 100% ready for translation!  Also, I unexpectedly got a week off from my other translation project, so this week is all Seitenkan work!  As of right now I’m almost done with the fourth scene (I’m 100 lines short), and over the next two days I’m going to try to get two scenes done per day, so that I can have the 8th scene done before I leave this weekend.  Then I’ll start thinking about generating a patch and I’ll proofread it before the 31st.

Additionally, since my faptop is dead, I got off my butt and edited some more Chichi Miko!!.  I’d say it’s at 28% edited now, and I intend to work on that faster.  I still haven’t heard anything about getting it licensed, unfortunately, but I’ll keep working on that as my schedule allows.

Seitenkan has really been a test of my will, especially these early scenes where things are more rapey for MC-kun.  But now I’m getting into the material I really enjoy about this nukige, which means my translation should be faster and more enjoyable for myself.  I’m not the most consistent of workers, so it may not show on the blog, but I’m definitely working on either translating, or getting enough free time to translate!