Man it feels good to be making progress.  I just started on the fifth scene today and wouldn’t you know it, my eyes started really hurting!  Probably because I stared at a screen all day today and only ate leftover pizza.  It was probably over-ambitious to think I’d get all the way through the 8th scene before Friday, but I still want to include it in the patch because it’s possibly my favorite scene in the entire game.

From Friday until Tuesday, I won’t be near a computer at all, so I won’t be getting any work done.  It’ll be a close call if I can get everything I want into the patch, but if I can’t make it I’ll be sure to release a second partial patch later so people can keep playing and enjoying the game.

For the rest of tonight I’ll, ahem, edit a bit more Chichi Miko!! if you know what I mean (Oh Renka~).