Okay, so I finished the fifth scene in Seitenkan today.  Right now the entire game stands at 39.3% translated, 0% edited, and I’m going out of town this weekend and probably won’t have time to translate next week since I’ve got another project to work on, too.  It seems like my limit is one of these scenes per day, sadly (lines are much longer and more complicated than Chichi Miko!!, although there seems to be less lines per scene).  So I don’t think I’ll get 8 scenes into the patch.  This is still a pretty good point to release the patch, though, since basically everyone gets a scene translated.

I’ll release a second partial patch, though, probably around 80% completion, once I’ve finished the 13th scene.  That’ll be in either February or early March, depending on how much I can work on it.

Chichi Miko!! is now 32% edited.  Every time I find a typo I feel bad, but I’m not finding them too often which is a good sign.  I’ve finished editing Renka’s route and next I’ll work on Rinka’s.

I’ll be back to work next week on either Monday or Tuesday and I’ll have the patch out on the 31st!  Look forward to it!