Well, I’m glad I started working on the patch yesterday instead of today! Working with Seitenkan has proved MUCH more difficult than Chichi Miko!!. Firstly, Seitenkan uses one big data.xp3 archive, where Chichi Miko!! used multiple archives for different things. So all I had to mess with was scenario.xp3 and I could leave the rest of the files alone. Not so with Seitenkan. Then, Seitenkan encrypted their data.xp3! It’s almost like they didn’t want me to get in, huh. I figured out how to get in back in September 2013, and didn’t really start working on it again until Christmas, so it’s been a real pain remembering what I did.

Fortunately for me and everyone, patching the game should be doable. Seitenkan runs just fine whether the data.xp3 file is left as is, OR EXTRACTED AS A DIRECTORY. It even works as a directory unencrypted, which is the important thing. I hate to add a separate step for you guys, but I couldn’t get a patch.xp3 to work (probably due to the encryption, I can’t figure out how to repack the archive with the same encryption). If someone knows how, I’d appreciate if you could tell me for the next patch!

So here’s what to do.

First off, buy the game or acquire it somehow. Install it and your install folder should look like this.

initial install folder seitenkan

(For the next steps you’re going to extract data.xp3 and decrypt it, leaving a “data” directory in your Seitenkan installation folder instead. If you’re a 1337 computor haxxor and already know how to do this, you can just skip to the end of the instructions)

Next, download Crass GUI from here:

The program is legit, you can trust me. Extract that and open up CrageGUI.exe and hit the Show Adv. button to reveal the advanced options. It’ll look like this when you open it.


Click the checkbox for Source File and browse to the data.xp3 in your install folder.

Click the checkbox for Dest. Path and browse to your install folder (if you don’t, it’ll extract to the CrageGUI folder)

Click the checkbox for Param. As per the instructions here (, enter “tpm1=” then the path to the decoder.tpm file, which is in the Plugins folder of your Seitenkan install folder. You’ll have to type it in manually or copy and paste this filepath. Make sure to use the entire filepath, like C:/Users/blahblahblah/decoder.tpm.

Then just hit execute and it should fully extract within a few minutes without throwing up any errors.

Your install folder should now have a data folder in it, which is the extracted and decrypted data.xp3 archive. Now, move the data.xp3 archive out of your install folder (I don’t recommend deleting it, just in case something went wrong).

Go ahead and at this point, make sure the game runs correctly without the data.xp3 archive file. It should (as long as you made sure the extracted data folder is in your Seitenkan installation directory).  Also, the data folder must be named “data”.

Excellent. Now we’re ready for the “patch”. Normally I’d just make a patch.xp3 which would be MUCH simpler to use, but I’m not so good with computers and can’t figure out how to re-encrypt the patch.xp3 as I make it. Again, if someone could help me out with that that’d be awesome.

Download the patch from the download link. It will contain ONLY the translated scenario files. Extract the zip archive into /data/scenario/scenario. That directory looks like this. (Incidentally, all the game files are now extracted and you can view the game CGs to your heart’s content. Don’t spoil yourself, though!)

seitenkan folder after extraction

Once you’ve replaced flag.ks, scenario.ks, and RP01-RP05.ks with the translated versions, you’re done! The game will now play in English for the first 5 scenes and the introduction. If you have any problems, please let me know and be sure to follow the steps carefully.  Also, if you notice any typos, please let me know.  I think I caught them all, though.  I won’t be home this weekend, due to the Superb Owl, and since my faptop died I’ll have no internet until I’m back Monday morning. Good luck and happy fapping!