I’ve been moving to a new house this month, which is really difficult when you live with hoarders and are moving somewhere much smaller!  But I do want to make a quick update since I have internet again.

No I haven’t done any translation work since releasing the patch.  Between moving and another cold from hell, I haven’t had the time or the energy.  But I’m going to start up again and try to go fast, because I have good news!

It seems like I’m finally going to get a real job soon!  Not in translation, but it’ll be decent pay and it’ll keep me busy.  My goal is to finish Seitenkan before I go, and from what I’m told I might be able to start work as early as April, so I’m going to try to finish Seitenkan as fast as I can so I don’t leave the project partially finished.

Additionally, I’ve continued to have no luck with getting Chichimiko!! licensed in the West.  Before I start work, I’m going to release my patches on this website.  I’m told I could leave as early as April, probably in June, but October at the very latest.  So watch this site for updates as to when I’ll release Chichimiko!! and Plus 1.

Happy fapping everyone and stay healthy!