Hey everybody,

I feel really bad for not getting more done in the last two months.  So here’s a minor update, it’s just scene 6 and the scenario script leading up to it.  Just put the files in your scenario folder like you did with the earlier patch and it should be playable.  I haven’t edited, though, so watch out for typos!  Also the names aren’t translated.  I just want to give you guys something for your patience.


Part of the reason I didn’t post this month until now is I felt bad I had nothing to show for all the time I was away.  I really wanted to get more done this month, especially since time is growing short before I leave for my new job (still not definite date, though, but I’m expecting to leave sometime next month).

Part of my translation process is drinking a lot of soda as I work.  The caffeine keeps me focused and the sugar keeps my energy levels up.  But I started dieting around mid-February, and I quit soda entirely, which has really made it difficult to focus on translating for any long period of time like I used to.  Adjusting to working without soda has been tough, but I’ve made good progress on losing weight, so I think it’s worth it.  Anyway, I hope to work more productively in the coming weeks and get a real second partial patch out for Seitenkan.


(For those keeping track, the Seitenkan script is 46% translated.  Chichi Miko!! is ~25% edited.  Plus 1 is 100% translated and edited.)