Translated, but not edited.  I finally got it done!  It was another Kinjou-sensei scene and I really don’t like that guy!  I think there’s only one more scene with him, though, and it’s on the short side, so that’s good for me!

The next two scenes, 8 and 9, are the longest scenes in the game, and they have a lot of build up before they actually start, too.  Each one is about twice as long as another scene (roughly).  Once I finish them the game will be about 75% translated, so I’ll release the second partial patch when they’re done.  After that the last quarter of the game is 9 more shorter scenes which I find easier to translate, so I should move through them at a good pace.


PS:  in case anyone was wondering about the how to read Kinjou’s name (the kanji can be read several different ways), in line 93 of RP07.ks, Akira says his name out loud.  And it’s clearly Kinjou.  This is contrary to what’s listed on vndb, so I hope nobody got mad and thought I was just making it up.  I’d change the vndb entry myself but I’m too lazy to make an account ;_;.