I’m hugely sorry that I didn’t get the full patch out in time.  Here’s the full patch:


And for those of you who downloaded the patch I put up Thursday as I took off, here’s the missing scene 9, and I finished editing the scenario file (you may have noticed typos after scene 8, and there was a line missing, so you might want to reread that portion between scenes 8 and 9 before going on to scene 9).


I just got back from driving over 700 miles this weekend (family events are crazy) and haven’t done anything but unload vehicles and lock myself in my room to finish this.  But, I have some personal good news, today I got verbal confirmation that I definitely have my job lined up and will be getting a letter with an official start date either this week or next week!  Once I get that letter with my official start date, I’ll upload Chichi Miko!! and the sequel, so I’ll be spending some time this week to finish up the editing on those.  Thank you all for being so patient with me and my vaporware.