This weekend, on April 18, the H-anime adaptation of the VN 巨乳家族催眠 (Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin) is going to be released.  I’m planning to do some speedsubs when it comes out, so I’ll be on the lookout for raws.

I’m a huge fan of the VN; I think it has the hottest portrayal of hynposis out of pretty much any VN (although I haven’t played Saiminjutsu 3 yet).  The art, VA, and writing are all really really good.

Anyway, if it gets stuck in torrent seeding hell, and you notice there’s a DDL link somewhere, please let me know in a comment!  Last time I was only able to sub Fella Pure because I was lucky enough to see a DDL link in a thread on a certain imageboard.