I was hoping to get 11 and 12 done, but oh well.  I’ll try to be more productive tomorrow.

Sunday and Monday I took a break from translating and tried to relax (reading the Mahouka LN, better than I’d expected!  Solid translation).  Lately my back has been really sore due to old mattress + bed too short, so I’ve been sleeping funny.  But I managed to find my old foam mattress pad, so I should sleep much better tonight!  It’s incredibly hard to focus or be patient with anything when your back is sore ;_;

There’s still 7 more scenes to get through, and most of the scenario file is done, so I’d like to get through more than one scene per day, but we’ll see how it goes.  I also want to experiment with word wrap, which may mess up some of the longer lines, but I’d like to do that all on one day and also do it for Chichi Miko!! at the same time.  Editing all three games might wind up taking me a full week, but I won’t hold anything back once it’s done.