Scene 13 is done.  I wasn’t going to work this weekend, but I had some free time this evening, and it was a shorter scene, so I just went ahead and did it.  Five more scenes to go!  Let’s see if I can get one done each day this week so I can edit over the weekend and release something next week.

I can’t remember if I mentioned I was reading the Mahouka light novel, but I have been and it’s really been great.  I’m already on the 10th volume after starting on Easter Sunday and fast approaching the point where there’s no more current translations.  It’s sad, but that’s how it goes.  I highly recommend both the anime and the LN to anyone who enjoys that kind of thing (I think if you enjoyed To Aru Majutsu no Index, you’ll enjoy Mahouka).

I also think Mahouka is better than Harry Potter.  Ah, I said it!  At least, the magic system is clearly better thought out.