More lines this time, but shorter, which is just how I like it.  Just one more scene of the main story to go!  I’m surprised I’m managing to keep to this schedule.

Today I also took some time to go through the game’s image files and see if it would be very hard to translate things like the options file.  It doesn’t look like it’ll be very difficult, only 15 images that need to be worked on, so I’ll do my best even though I totally suck at image editing.  Luckily most of the options already use English.  For the final release, the torrent I put out will be prepatched with all images inserted already, but for people who decide to just patch it themselves, I’ll include the image files with the translated scenario files in the patch, along with information about where to put each edited image file.  If it sounds like too much work, then you can always just redownload the game from the torrent (which should be about 820MB in size).

I’m expecting editing to take me a couple days at the least, to catch any typos and deal with word wrapping.  If you remember seeing any typos in the partial patches, please leave a comment so I can catch it!  Once I release, I don’t plan to release any v2 unless there’s a game breaking bug or I completely mess up the torrent.  I’ll decide on a firm release date once I finish translating the last two scenes.

As for Chichi Miko!!, I know a lot of people have been waiting really patiently for that, but my possible future employer’s been jerking me around again and I still don’t feel comfortable releasing my work on that series yet, in case something falls through and I need the money from it.  I’d really hoped to hear something by now.  Anyway, once I finish up Seitenkan, I’ll get back to editing Chichi Miko!!, and I’ll try to translate the menus and such for that as well, which will require a bit more image editing than Seitenkan.  Most of the Chichi Miko!! menus are in Japanese.  So please be a little more patient!