Hi everyone.  So far things have not been conducive to translating since last weekend, sorry.  I’m currently 50% done with Scene 17 and 80% frustrated with myself.  Once I finish Scene 17 and the Omake, I’ll announce a firm release date.

On the other hand, it looks like I’ll be signing an employment contract on April 15, which is great news for me!  Once I’ve done that and gotten a copy of the contract, I’ll announce a release date for Chichi Miko!!.  Please note that I do still need to do a lot of editing on it, as well as do some image editing so the options can be read in English.

If anyone would like to commission any translations, you can contact me at lv1translator@gmail.com.  I specialize in VN and porn translation, but I can also do images (like H manga).  If you commission something, YOU then own the translation, for instance if you’d like to upload it to another site.  I will not upload it to a site myself, nor will I host it here.  If you’d like, I can link to it from here.  I don’t do fancy image editing, so for things like H-manga, please don’t expect miracles, at best it’ll be done in MSPaint (sorry for being an artistic baka).  For H-anime, expect the typesetting to be on the level of my release of Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin.  I’ll also open up a paypal account for donations, if anyone would like to help me out in my last few months up NEEThood.  I’m totally fine if you don’t donate, though.  I won’t hold back updates or anything.  It’s just to buy me energy drinks and help with loan payments.

I hope you’re all having a splendid week!