Well, I kind of got it working.  I just have a problem with anything beyond 2 lines.  For some reason I’m getting extra spaces on the third line which is messing things up.  Ideally I don’t want to have to split lines (to avoid extra text carrying onto a new page), but if I can’t at least get three lines to display properly, I’m in trouble.  It appears like so:

word wrap fail

The code I’m doing this with isn’t insani’s (which comes with xp3tools), since that kept throwing up errors.  Instead I’m using the code that someone called Nagato created in the MainWindow.tjs, which works well except for this issue.  It seems to be written in Java, so if anybody could take a look and figure out what’s going on, you’d be a lifesaver.  https://web.archive.org/web/20091119060652/http://amaterasu.is.moelicious.be/krkr/code.txt  If I can’t get it through trial and error tomorrow, I’ll give insani’s tool another try.  I could try writing my own script to insert line break tags, but I don’t want to push back the release date.

The really weird thing is, the backlog has absolutely no problems with word wrapping.  Everything’s perfect and no extra spacing anywhere.