I’ve uploaded a .zip file containing Nagato’s word wrapping code from the archive, as well as a sample MainWindow file someone made that shows the code inserted into a Kirikiri MainWindow.tjs file, which I got from http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35746, post #15 at the bottom of the page. I’ve also included my attempt at modifying the Seitenkan MainWindow.tjs and the original MainWindow.tjs with no modifications.


The file that needs to be modified is in the folder where you installed Seitenkan. ~/data/system/MainWindow.tjs

Of course, this all assumes you extracted the data like you needed to to install the partial patches. If you never installed the partial patches, you can ignore this post.

I did also try using the insani tool that comes with xp3tools, and I almost got it to work, but it would throw up an error about the Wrap tag, saying that it couldn’t find “ProcessWrap”. I started working on Nagato’s code after realizing I couldn’t make insani’s method work.

I’m going to be busy for the next 6-8 hours, but when I’m done I’m going to get right back to working on this.  Thank you everyone who spends time looking at this!