Image editing is totally done, looks playable, doesn’t it?

no surprise words here

I also did translate the credits screen.  Japanese pseudonyms are WEIRD but hopefully anyone who’s interested will be able to google the names and find more information about the people online (like voice actresses and such).  I’m also planning on leaving the original credits screen in the same folder with the exe for people who want to see what the names look like in kanji.  My plan for the Dieselmine logo screen that I posted before is not to include it, since I can’t get it to look like the real logo, so everyone will just have to remember that his is a Dieselmine game, okay?

I also translated all the dialogue boxes that pop up, for instance when you want to load a game or close the game.  Instead of incomprehensible moon runes, it’s now all in English (all the dialogue boxes that I could find in the game code, anyway, but I’m pretty sure I checked every game file).

While working on that, I figured out why insani’s word wrapping tool wasn’t working for me!  Dieselmine added a CustomHistoryLayer.tjs to their game (in ~/data/scenario/) for increased functionality, and that overrides the original HistoryLayer.tjs (in ~/data/system/).  To be safe I added insani’s code to both, and successfully got it working in my copy of the game.  Sorry to anyone who’s been bashing their head on this problem, it’s not actually a coding problem.  I can now officially say I know more about the Kirikiri engine than I ever wanted to know.  (Specifically, the problem I had with insani’s code was that the game was looking for the definition of the function ProcessWrap in CustomHistoryLayer.tjs, not the standard HistoryLayer.tjs).

So I ran the script, did all the rituals and spells, and when I ran the game…  It had the same problem as with Nagato’s code, where third and fourth lines had strange extra spacing.  I guess Nagato’s code was working properly and this has something to do with Seitenkan’s engine itself.  Unless someone managed to find a fix with Nagato’s code (although I can’t imagine how, since it’s working properly and it’s the game messing up), I have two options.  Write a python script to insert [r] tags throughout my script (might take 4 hours to get working, if I can), or I can manually go through the entire game, placing [r] tags as I go (which would probably take me 12-16 hours solid).

I really don’t want to release a game without word wrapping.  I want to release this game once and have it be the definitive version that needs no more patching, especially since patching is not easy.  But we’ll see what happens tomorrow.  I have the whole day to work on it.

I proofread everything I did since the last partial patch, caught the typos and eliminated them.  So the game is 100% edited as well as translated.  I wanted to do one last editing and bugtesting playthrough once I’d finished word wrapping, but we’ll see what happens.  For now I’m still committed to the Saturday release date (although it might be late late Saturday night, early Sunday morning).

Now to update my employment progress:  success!  I signed all my employment contracts and the paperwork is all filed.  My start date in July is confirmed.  And not a moment too soon in my opinion.

Now that that’s confirmed and I feel more financially stable, I’ll announce a tentative date for release of Chichi Miko!!, as well as Plus 1 (the sequel):  Saturday, June 14.  One month from this Saturday.  I figure that’ll give me plenty of time to work on editing and technical issues.  And if I finish all that early, I’ll release it early.  Keep checking this site for updates.

One last thing, if anyone would like to commission a translation, please email me at  My fee is 1 cent per character and I don’t do typesetting.  But I could really use any work you guys want to throw at me.

Have a good Friday y’all!