Hey y’all, making a quick update.  I got a nice big commission this week to translate Otomeido@cafe (おとメイド@cafe) before I start my real job.

I recognize that bulge!


The game is approximately 30% longer than Chichi Miko!! Plus One, so it’ll keep me busy between now and when I leave to start my job.  I’m not going to do any partial patches, but I expect to release this game around June 16.  I don’t expect working on this to interfere with my work on Chichi Miko!! and Plus One, both of which I still intend to release by June 14.

Speaking of Chichi Miko!!, I got word-wrapping working in both games.  I don’t expect editing to take me very long once I get started, but there’s more image editing work to do than there was for Seitenkan, so it’ll be a test of my skills.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’m leaving for a short vacation for Memorial Day, so I won’t be back on the internet until Tuesday night.  If you email me please don’t expect a reply before then.  Have a good weekend, y’all!