Just dropping by to update my progress on Otomeido.  I did a little bit last night and then a whole lot more today.  It’s reminding me a lot of back when I worked on Chichi Miko!! Plus One, in terms of progress and how much easier the text is.

At the moment the game is 15.2% translated, 0% edited.  I haven’t tested wordwrapping yet, but I did try making a patch.xp3 file (that’s the method one is SUPPOSED to take to patch a game, Seitenkan was trouble because of encryption on the data files).  And this time it worked like a charm.  So the patch for this game will be MUCH easier to apply upon release.  I also tested out making patches for both Chichi Miko!! as well, and it also worked on those games.  So those of you who already have the game downloaded won’t need to redownload everything.

I’ll still release pre-patched versions as torrents, but this’ll be nice, too.

Happy fapping, everyone!