Didn’t get much done today, mostly just went back and finished off some loose ends I’d been skipping as I translated.  Otomeido progress is up to 37.6% now, and the common route is totally finished.  Today was slow partly because I was recovering from an intense beach holiday / helping a friend move over the weekend, and partly because I was a huge baka and forgot my day’s caffeine supply in the freezer, so the soda bottle froze over and took most of the day to thaw, leaving me tired and low energy all day.

I’m going to spend the rest of tonight editing Chichi Miko!!, maybe get a few scenes done.  I’m also contemplating setting up a Paypal donation button on my site somewhere.  I’ll never hold translations hostage for donations, but if anyone enjoys my work and would like to buy me some energy drinks or whatever, it’d be appreciated.  I’ll probably take care of all that tomorrow, and make up for my lack of progress then, too.