I’m done with it!  Didn’t do the credits or the music selections, but maybe I’ll come back to those someday when I’m less frustrated with image editing in general.

patch available saturday

Luckily Plus One uses mostly the same images for its menus, so that’ll cut down on a lot of work for me.  Chichi Miko!! is definitely coming out this Saturday, probably around 5pm EST, maybe a couple hours later, and Plus One won’t be far behind.  I still need to do one more playthrough of Plus One for word wrapping errors and to do a couple images for editing, but it’ll either come out on June 14 or a few days later, depending on how quickly I can deal with that.

I didn’t get any proofreading editing done today, but I’ll be try to finish it either tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday, giving me some time for bugs if any pop up.  Things are looking good!