Translation progress is now 63.9% complete, 0% edited, 0% wordwrapped, 0% images edited.  I finished up Tsukasa’s route today, and went through one of the harem endings.  The way flags are calculated in this game is more complicated than I’m used to, so I may wind up making a mini guide for that and including it with the release.  All that’s left is one more harem route file, and Aoi’s route, about another 150kb, and it’s done*.  My goal right now is to finish translation on the 27th and then spend that weekend working on the rest of it, but that plan’s subject to change.

This week was pretty hit and miss so far, since I had to suddenly take a day off, then spent two more days not feeling well, but I think I got over it.  Caffeine sugoi.  Thanks donors, starbucks and monster have been keeping me going the last few days.

I haven’t gotten anything done on Plus 1 this week, but if I can meet my target for Friday, I’ll try to get everything done over the weekend.  There’s still a few images that need to be edited, I need to script something to fix the quotation marks, and I need to do a bugtest for wordwrapping.  But it’s coming!

One thing I also want to do is make a guide to hacking the Kirikiri engine from the perspective of a lone translator who’s not good at computers, since there’s a lot of games that could be translated on that engine, and hacking isn’t that hard (compared to other games).  Hopefully it doesn’t spawn a ton of machine translation projects (seriously, don’t do that, you shouldn’t make a translation of a game unless you have a good grasp on the Japanese language and are somewhat capable at English composition).  But I think it’d help a lot of would be translators who, like myself, can’t into computers and for whatever reason can’t work well on team projects.

Hope y’all have had a good week so far and keep an eye on the blog for news over the weekend!