Well, personal matters blew up this weekend, so I didn’t get Friday’s Otomeido work done.  I’ll try to squeeze it in next week and still finish translation by Friday, but no promises.  Then today I was functioning on roughly 4 hours of sleep, so I didn’t want to pollute Otomeido with my lack of sleep.  Instead I did some work on Plus 1 and got all the image editing for that done.  Just like the Chichi Miko!!, I didn’t translate the staff credits or the music selection buttons, but I may come back to it someday.  I also figured out how to write a program to fix an error I made in the script while translating, so I’ll get that done tomorrow.  After that, all that’s left is a playthrough to make sure wordwrapping is working, and it’s all done!  If I finish it this weekend I’ll release the patch on Tuesday.