Well, that shouldn’t count as spoilers by this point, right?

No it's not, this is just the title screen all fancy'd up.

I finally got my python code working and fixed the game script, and I inserted all the character names (which I’ve been putting off doing for 10 months now, whooo).  So I just have to play through to make sure the wordwrapping is fine, and to check for bugs.  I already found one game breaking bug in the first scene (which was my code’s fault), so I’m going to pay close attention as I play through.  But it shouldn’t take me more than a few hours.  I’ll try to get it done Monday and Tuesday, after I do my Otomeido translating.  Then sometime late Tuesday night I expect I’ll release a patch, and a prepatched torrent on nyaa like I usually do.

If you want to predownload the game so you’re totally ready when the patch drops, this torrent is being seeded.


Once Plus 1 is released the only thing I’ll have left on my mind is Otomeido, so hopefully my stress levels go down.