Finally done with it!  I was a really crappy editor a year ago, it’s much more polished now.  I can’t believe how many typos were in there all this time ;_;

There’s the prepatched game available as a torrent, just download and start playing, easy as pie.!3ZhGhCIB!qGDWrXeflmhu-h-U25aIsuc_awiEm8X-LtfKAiY-xtM

And here’s the patch itself, for if you have the game already downloaded.  It’s 4.2MB, just extract it into your installation directory and you’re all set!  If you get a strange error and a bunch of question marks, just set your locale to Japanese following the instructions in the readme.

Sorry for the delays.  I really need to stop announcing release dates when I still have work left to do.  I’m really bad at estimating that kind of thing.  I hope you all enjoy!  This is the first game I ever translated, and still one of my all time favorite visual novels.