Who saw this one coming?  Because I sure didn’t, LOL.

Otoko no Ko Club is apparently too cool to use the basic Kirikiri engine files, and they’ve got this whole new setup (which actually is scaled down and more understandable), but I can’t apply the word-wrapping code Nagato wrote to it.

So the elegant solution is to write my own custom code.  I can’t into computers enough to do that, after a day of trying.

The inelegant solution is to use the line break tag (\n) that thankfully, they included in their code, and manually insert that everywhere (which actually seems to be what the developers did, since the original script is littered with those tags everywhere).  But that would take me anywhere from 6 to 30 days of editing to add it in properly by hand.  Not doing that if I can help it.

So what I’m going to do is write a python program to insert the tag where I’m guessing it should go, rough and dirty, then on my normal editing pass I’ll fix any mistakes that creates.  So it’ll probably take me 6 days to edit Otomeido, rather than the 2 days I was expecting.

I’m still planning to release the game up to my usual standards, with word wrapping and all that, but please be patient while I deal with this new issue.