For this game I tried to stick with the motif as much as possible, which meant instead of going in and hacking all the kanji out, I followed the game’s example and added the English in more subtly.  Much of the game image files were already in English, so thankfully I didn’t have too much to do.  Don’t panic when you see the config screen, the English is there, I just followed the motif the game already had, rather than spending a few hours hacking out all the kanji.

Also, quick note, some people seem to like calling this game “Otomaid@cafe”.  I feel that that is incorrect.  The title screen HAS the English name of the game right on it, and it is “Otomeido@cafe”.  The “oto” comes from “otoko” (meaning “man”), which is also in “otoko no ko” (meaning “trap”), so the title is basically short for “otoko no ko meido @ cafe”, which in English would be “Trap Maid @ cafe”.  I’m not going to start a crusade to get everyone to call the game “Otomeido@cafe”, but just be aware that that’s what I’m calling it, and that’s what it’ll be labeled as for the torrent when I put it up.  And it is on the title screen.

otomeido title

There’s the title screen now.  Please keep in mind the Website and Survey options are not part of the game, they open an internet browser window to take you to various sites.  Sites in Japanese.

otomeido teaser

And here’s a sample of the game, with word wrapping.  It’s not perfect, but it works.  Also, I usually do the names all at once while I edit, so don’t worry, the name box will be in English as well, I won’t forget it.

All that’s left to do for this game is my editing/proofreading/bugtesting playthrough, which will probably take me 2-4 days.  I won’t be able to work this weekend (family gathering), but I’ll get started on my editing on Monday.

Have a fun and safe weekend y’all.  For next week, the age of traps is upon us!