Hey y’all, got some progress reports.

I finished editing the common route today.  I’m going a bit slower than I normally would on an editing pass, for the following reason.

I recently realized that I’ve been suffering from chronic sleep deprivation.  What I’d thought was merely stressing out over translating and leaving for my new job was actually caused by lack of sleep due to…  actually quite a few chance events building up over time, robbing me of regular sleep (I optimally need 10 hours of sleep).  I was getting by on 5-7 hours per night on average for most of June, and in the last week I was doing something like 4 or 5 hours of sleep each night.


It’s pretty serious!  And since I had done some of the translation at points where I was sleep deprived, I’m doing a really thorough check to make sure I didn’t screw anything up.  But so far things look okay.  And now that I’ve realized what was going on, I’m being very conscious of making sure I get enough sleep each night; I’m making sure to reserve at least 12 hours a day for sleeping as I catch up on my sleep debt.

Even with this additional sleeping, I’m planning to release Otomeido at some point this week.

If any of you think you might be sleep deprived, you should correct that as soon as possible!  It can cause all kinds of health problems, not to mention the increased risk of accidents.  It even can diminish your libido, making you enjoy nukige less!