Well, this is my last post before I leave.  I never did get around to making a guide to translating on the Kirikiri engine like I’d planned, but my schedule got away from me.  Hopefully this is enough of a hint, but if you go to the VN tools wiki, I used Insani’s tools and Extractdata for my work, and also all the tools I described using on Seitenkan.  Additionally I used Nagato’s word-wrapping code, although I tested and Insani’s works, too, if you set it up correctly.

It’s been a fantastic journey this last year, translating not just one, but four different visual novels (nukige).  I feel like my Japanese has really leveled up, and so has my translation ability.  Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback throughout the process, especially the commenters here and people who emailed me, but also posters on 4chan’s /a/, /jp/, and /v/ boards.  A special thanks to /a/, because they initially inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and take Japanese classes in university.

For at least the next 4 months I won’t have internet access, so if you need to get in contact with me, please send an email to lv1translator@gmail.com and I’ll reply as soon as I can.  I’m not sure how to set up the comment approval system here on wordpress, so new commenters might not be able to get their comments to post and display.  Sorry.

When I get back I’ll be taking commissions again.  My rate is 1 cent per character translated, and for now I only work on games that use the Kirikiri engine (ie, that use .xp3 archive files).  I don’t really have any restrictions on content; I won’t get grossed out.  But keep in mind that VN are rather long and even short VN typically have over 100,000 characters of text that needs translation.

I can’t wait to come back (hopefully less poor) and start translating again!  See you all around December!  Ganbare me!