Whew, it’s been a busy 4 months!  There’s good news and bad news, though.

Good news, I’m no longer NEET!  I managed to land a really good paying, respectable job with lots of potential for advancement and raises.  So now I can buy all the otaku treasures that my heart craves.  Bad news is that after talking to a lawyer, I can’t really do commissions anymore.  At least not for as long as I’m working with this company.  It sucks, but at least I can keep translating as a hobby.

Before you freak out, yes I’m going to keep translating.  But it’ll be at a much, much slower pace than I’m used to since I won’t have 14+ hours each day to devote to translating.  At best I’ll probably have 2-3 hours to translate each day.  And my internet access will be spotty, too.  It’ll all depend on my work schedule.

Due to my working conditions, I won’t always have access to my battlestation (desktop), so I got a Surface Pro 3 to work on when I’m on the go.  I still need to get a good bluetooth keyboard and mouse and figure out how to make translating as easy as possible, but it seems like it’s definitely a workable system to translate on.  I just need to get used to it.

For my next long term project, I think I’m going to work on Ochiru Hitozuma.  https://vndb.org/v8606  I really enjoy the game, and I’ve played it twice, so I think it’ll be fun to work on.  I don’t really have any kind of estimate for when it’ll be done or when partial patches will come out, so I’ll be on the “it’s done when it’s done” schedule many other fan translators use.

PS I just saw the discussion threads about my translations on vndb.  I thought it was hilarious.