I’m a freelance Japanese to English translator who focuses on “otaku” media. ┬áSomeday I hope to run a localization company.

24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Could i ask if you know any VN hackers, it’s been kinda hard and i can’t seem to find any. i want to do my own translation for Hime Koi.


  2. I was wondering how to play chichi miko i downloaded the prepatched game but when i try to open it i get a syntax error.

  3. hey you are amazing im have playing chichi miko and chichi miko plus 1 you has done good world can you maybe too translating Haregaku! http://vndb.org/v5077 is too from the company Rapapuru

    • cryingwestern said:

      Depends give me the engine type and i’ll see about it and by the way it’s kinda late he’s no longer here he’s probably on his job now, as he has been mentioning in most of his posts. if you manage to figure out the VN engine used i may do it because it’s a pretty long game to translate and a soloist like me and 1vl, we would have a hard time doing this… even though most translation teams have one translator which i find annoying (no wonder why it takes to long), but i am also under going my own translations, but I’m thinking about doing this proper and not illegally.

      • ah okay i have not knowing that he is not longer active by the way Haregaku! using the Kirikiri enginee im have found this list here http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=VN/Eroge_Script_sizes is very helpful

      • cryingwestern said:

        ok but it will be at the bottom of my list because 22353 lines is a lot of lines and at the moment I’m sticking with small time/Short story VNs. I’m struggling at the moment with the current one I’m doing because even though they are interesting, if i don’t have a specific reason i can’t focus on doing them, so that means fast progression becomes impossible. At the moment I’m in contact with a small time VN group once i get the “okay” I’m doing theirs.

    • ok im know a translation need a long time is good that people translating visual novels a world without english visual novels is a sad world

  4. who are the girls in the site banner?

  5. any help with otomaid cafe would be appreciated. i keep getting ??????????? max regex search depth exceeded. a blue box of coding labeled TSettings. im on win 7 with a 8 core amd

  6. Soo trying to run preloaded Chichi Miko with windows 10. Locale is in japan. I know Windows 10 has that “disable pirated content” thing but this is a japanese game.. It shouldnt have any effect on this. (at least i dont think that it would .__. ) Anyways i keep getting a Syntax error. What do?

    • Syntax error is most likely because you don’t have Japanese set as the language for non-unicode characters. You need to add Japanese in the language settings which should be in the control panel. There’s plenty of guides explaining how to do this for Windows 7 and the process is probably similar for 10.

  7. So how can I get in contact with you to commission you for some translations?

  8. @ lv1translator , Thank u alot for the patch for Chi chi Miko & Chi chi miko plus 1,
    I really enjoyed those games, and it was the english translation that made them much better.
    Is there any chance that you would translate The eroge game –> “Haregaku! “,
    Or any Other Eroge Games made by Rappapuru.(https://vndb.org/p661)
    I’m really want to Play That game in English.

  9. Hey, i downloaded one of your translated games but i keep getting the “max regex search depth exceeded” error, even with japanese localization and running as an administrator…

  10. So, there’s this eroge I would really like to see translated. It’s called Onee-san wa majo by I-raf-you. Would it be possible for you to translate it? If you need money I could see if I can get people to crowdfund the project

  11. Aghandor said:

    Hello, I was looking for a translation of Kyonyuu kazoku saimin and I tried yo DL yours but I can’t, the DL never start (I tried to change some settings but nothing changed) I would like to know if there is another way to do it.

    Also I would like to know if there are some news about your translation.

  12. pandamerah said:

    could you translate dis manga…i ve seen you translate akatsuki souken work befor…

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