Spooky ghost posting


It’s hard to get more dead than 362 days with no new posts.  Actually no it’s not it requires no effort at all.

Have I checked my email in all this time?  No.  Sorry to anyone who’s been waiting on a reply.  I’m kind of scared to log into it at this point.

You probably won’t be thrilled to note that I’m nearly done crawling out of my Kaiji-like debt nightmare, because I haven’t translated anything in all this time.  And at this point if I can get a few shekels to rub together I’ll probably go legit rather than fan translate.  Is there any particular company you’re a fan of (that isn’t Lilith)?

Just a few more months.

2 years of no releases :(

And unfortunately I’m not where I thought I’d be in life, so I haven’t got anything new coming.

On the other hand, I’m thinking of going legit in the next few years.  My japanese and translation skills have been getting better (reading all those books I bought last year helped) and in another two years I should have enough money saved up to start buying licenses.

Sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for me to translate something new, but it looks like it’s not coming, at least not for a while longer.

I’m not dead…

But it’s hard to say I’m alive, too.  I continue to be super busy trying to make money and get out of debt.  I haven’t had the time or energy to translate anything since Otomaid, which is really sad, because there’s a lot of games I could have worked on had I had the time.

On the other hand, if I can save up enough money, it’ll make it much easier to someday go legit and license games for sale in the West.

While I haven’t been actually turning moonrunes into prime fap material, I have been studying whenever I have a spare moment.  And I’m about half a year from reaching a point in my career where I’ll start to have free time and energy again.

translation study material

Oh no!

I just checked my inbox!

Sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for an email reply all this time!

I’ll answer your emails over the next few days now that I have internet again.

Unfortunately I’m still not quite ready to get back to translating again, but I will say that what I’m doing is paying off.  I’m much more financially stable now and I’m getting close to being debt free.  But my work schedule’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Sorry for the silence

Work has been keeping me too busy for any translation since my last update.

It’s been tough to go from NEETdom to always working.

At this time I’m inactive.  I hate to do this since so many translators stop when they get real jobs, but that’s where I’m at right now.  Someday I WILL come back to translating, but probably not for a long time.

Thank you all for your support the last year.



I’m a huge baka

Sorry everyone, for not updating and for making no progress with my LN translation.  I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to serious study of kanji or slogging through paragraphs.  Yet.

On the positive side of things, my new mechanical keyboard came in the mail and typing on it is like having sex with my waifu while holding hands.  And today I started translating 自称硬派のオレが女になったら思いのほかすげぇビッチだった(*/∇\*)キャッ~援交から肉便器まで~ (https://vndb.org/v10471) for no particular reason other than someone on 4chan mentioned that they wanted something from PinPoint translated, and this one has genderbender in it.  I made a bit of progress already, but I’m only planning to work on this in my free time over the next month, I don’t know if I want to commit to a full release or not.  We’ll see how far I get.

I’m not sure how long it is compared to what I’ve worked on before, because my character count scripts are in another castle and I can’t be assed to re-write them today.  But I’d estimate it’s a little more than half as long as Chichi Miko!!, and maybe twice as long as Plus 1.

Someday I’ll be smart enough to translate LN ;_;

Progress update

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I’ve been really busy with work.  Also, I changed which LN I was working on, which slowed me down a bit.  My kanji skills seem to have mostly come back, but I’m now realizing just how limited the kanji used in nukige is.  So it’s slow going.  Also, LN writing in general is much different from VN, and I’m not really happy with the quality of my work.

Right now progress is really low, but I’m 0.5% into translating 賢者の弟子を名乗る賢者, or “The Sage Pretending to be a Sage’s Apprentice”.  It’s a story about a guy playing a VRMMO who gets stuck in the game in the form of a cute little girl.  For all of us who wish to be the little girl, I’m sure it’s interesting.  I just hope I can get my writing up to a level where I can do the original work justice.

The electronic copy I have is split up into 92 files, so as I finish each file I’ll post it up here.  I wish I could say I’ll translate one each day (if I was still NEET, I probably could), but I’ll definitely try to get a file out each week.